Alaska 2002

alaska072 Participants: 4
Duration: 8 days
Distance: 40km
Max elevation 2000m
Min elevation 1500m


Our hike started on August 17, and we have reached our point of destination on August 24. During the hike the temperature was 5-12(C) during the day, and around 0 or a little bit freezing at night. Clouds were everywhere, it was really humid. We were lucky enough not to be caught under a serious rain, but it doesn’t mean everybody is. So, if you’re going there, a waterproof jacket and pants is a must.

Visibility was generally good most of the time.


Small trees and bushes are encountered at 1300 m and lower . Higher than that it’s either grassy or swampy. Even more elevated lands are all covered with stones and moss. Snow line begins from 2100 m. To our best knowledge, the snow is pretty steady, and quite shallow. So crampons are sufficient to walk the snow. Walking is generally not easy anywhere. The easiest walk was on top of the (unnamed) plateau on the west side of Mt. Gordon. However, even there walking was not too comfortable because there was no flat place to step and our feet were always at an angle.

When walking though the forest-tundra, it’s better to use animal paths along the rivers, otherwise you’ll find yourself breaking your way through dense bushes and branches.