Contact Numbers

NOTE: we do not maintain these numbers or keep them up to date – use at your own risk!


Coyote Air: 907-678-5995

Wright Air/Main: (907) 474-0502

Wright Air/Charter: (907) 474-0542


National Park Service: (907) 456-5752

Anaktuvuk Pass Ranger Station: (907) 661-3520

Bettles Ranger Station: (907) 692-5494

Marion Creek Ranger Station (Coldfoot): 907-678-2004 / 907-678-5209

Alaska State Troopers 1-800-811-0911

Alaska State Troopers Coldfoot (907) 678-5211

Alaska State Troopers Fairbanks (907) 451-5100

Alaska After Hours # 1-800-478-9300


Route Length

As planned, the route is 80km+ long with 3 river crossings. Once past Tinayguk river, we are committed to making the pickup point, as there are no alternative routes.


Both grizzly and black bears are present in the area. Carrying a firearm is not possible due to bureaucracy. Bear spray should be sufficient. Also tried to find flares in Fairbanks, but couldn’t.

Possible Technical Sections

Most of the area we’re visiting is very steep hills which may not be passable on foot, so detour options may be limited. Furthermore, the 63k maps make it hard to predict how easy a certain section will turn out to be. In case we’re stuck against a moderate technical obstacle, we took a rope and a set of harnesses.